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Master The Art of Balancing Life & Business Like a Leading Lady

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Are you looking for a dynamic and engaging speaker?

Portia is an engaging and dynamic speaker who will leave your guests inspired and motivated. She has spoken to audiences around the world on topics including women’s empowerment, leadership, and purpose-driven living. Her message is authentic, powerful, and relevant to today’s woman. If you are looking for an unforgettable experience that will leave your guests feeling inspired and motivated then look no further than Portia Basham!

You can book Portia as the keynote speaker at your next conference or event! With her expertise in the above areas she will deliver a memorable talk that leaves everyone wanting more. Don’t wait any longer


Keynote Topics

The Holistic Woman

What is a holistic woman? Simply put, it is a lady in leadership balancing family, home and work life in a cohesive arrangement. Portia will walk you through identifying balance, structure and boundaries need to maintain a happy lifestyle. She speak about maximizing your marriage and staying connected in your faith, all while building your business.


Branding/Rebranding Development

In this teaching Portia will discuss finding your purpose, vision, mission and strategizing an execution plan to accomplish your desired business goals. You will learn how to develop your

business mission statement, develop your business vision, discover your WHY and your story.


Leading Like A Lady

Mindset is key. Becoming a female leader requires stamina, perseverance and class. Listen to Portia talk through how to start with your inner voice and learning to project that with confidence to build your success. Our biggest barrier at times are ourselves. This teaching will help you understand yourself and move past in order to be the leading lady.


Just a few of the Organizations & Communities Portia has spoken for...

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Joy & Moshe Bryant
Better with Bling

The Shopify training was excellent! Portia really knows the information and presented many wonderful ideas to help entrepreneurs scale and expand their platform. She is truly knowledgeable and helps to enable you to get clear on your vision while providing the action steps necessary to become successful in your business. Her training was time well spent.

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