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Certified Christian Leadership Program

Building Strong Leaders with Our 10-Week Certification Program


Strengthen Your Ministry Leadership with Our Comprehensive Curriculum

Our 10-week certification program for pastors, ministers, ministry leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs covers the key practical issues in ministry. Our comprehensive curriculum will provide insights into how to effectively lead a team, helping you to overcome the crisis of failed leadership in the church. Our program will also help you to improve your ministry counseling skills and financial management. 

Advance your Christian Leadership Skills with an accredited certificate program from the esteemed partnership of Christian Bible Institute and Seminary. Expand knowledge, gain new insights, and establish yourself as a valuable leader in faith-based organizations.




You are ready to gain access to innovative techniques towards becoming a more effective leader.

You are ready to get the opportunity to better understand what qualities are necessary for successful leadership.

You are ready to gain insight into how to build effective teams and prevent failure with successful leadership strategies within the church or business.

You are ready to hone into your leadership abilities and to be better prepared for the challenging tasks ahead.


As Christians, we are called to lead in different facets of our lives. Whether it's in our homes, workplaces, or communities, leadership skills are crucial to cultivate. However, before we can lead others effectively, we must first learn to lead ourselves.

This involves developing a deep understanding of biblical principles and cultivating essential skills that enable us to navigate the complexities of life. Once we are able to lead ourselves, we can then inspire those around us, bringing joy and empowerment into our leadership. 

With practice and dedication, we can all become the leaders we were meant to be and impact our world for good.

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your free ebook


You will be equipped with the tools and resources necessary to make an impact in your ministry.

Our program is designed to challenge you and help you become the best leader you can be.

At the end of our 10-week certification program, you would have gained clarity and confidence in your leadership skills and be ready to take your ministry to the next level.

What are the benefits of us working together?

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Part 1.
Practical Issues In Ministry

Part 2.
Ministry In Counseling

Part 3.
Financial Management

Part 4.
Dynamics of Christian Maturity

Part 5.
Building A Team

Part 6.
Crisis of Failed Leadership
In The Church

Dr. Portia Basham is the epitome of success as a mompreneur and brand strategist who infuses her unique gospel ministry into her work. With an exceptional background in entrepreneurship and hospitality, it comes as no surprise that she recognizes the utmost importance of providing outstanding customer service. Aside from expertise, Dr. Basham is also a mentor, teacher, international speaker, 4x Amazon Best-Seller Author and leadership coach all with one purpose- to equip other ladypreneurs to stand upon their divine calling in both business and life. Her ambition to influence and enhance the lives of others is commendable; with her valuable experience and dynamic leadership, Dr. Portia Basham stands out among her peers as a strong example of what it means to be an ambitious business professional committed to their core values and spiritual beliefs.

Dr. Portia Basham

Doctorate in Christian Leadership


"If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things."

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Are You Ready

Advance your Christian leadership skills with an accredited certificate program from the esteemed partnership of Christian Bible Institute and Seminary. Expand knowledge, gain new insights, and establish yourself as a valuable leader in faith-based organizations.

Earn Your Accredited Christian Leadership Certificate

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Let's Get Started!

Registration is OPEN 

Class Begins: Mar. 7 - May 9, 2024

$50 registration + tuition, is due prior to course materials and Zoom meetings being sent out.  Registration and tuition payments are non-refundable.

✓ Class Twice A Week (Tuesdays & Thursdays)


✓ 1-2 hours of homework assignments

✓ Two hours of Live Class Sessions via Zoom


✓ Questions and Answers Session


✓ Access to private Facebook Group


✓ Term Exams & Final Exams

✓ Course Material



4 payments of $162.50

Value at $2,400



Schedule a cost-free consultation with Dr. Portia or ask questions to discuss the program email

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